Can I Remove Twitter Likes On My Profile?

On twitter, you can only remove twitter likes if you’re the one who place them. If other users like your tweets, you can’t do anything to undo that. Your followers can see the tweets that you’ve liked on “Likes” tab on your profile. If you don’t want them to see some tweets, you can remove the like by clicking on the heart icon again.

Most people use twitter likes to show approval or appreciation for another user and some people use them to bookmark something they want to read later. If you feel these tweets that you’ve like can be incriminating, then you can copy the link to whatever you want to read instead of placing a like.

Social media makes it easy for others to track our activity, and as much as you may trust your friends or followers, there are certain things you want to keep private. Unlike on Facebook where you can share something and set the audience to “Only Me”, twitter works differently because it archives your likes and they’re visible to anyone who follows you.

Top Things twitter advertisers should never do-Unless they want to fail

When advertising on twitter, the main goal is often not to get many twitter likes but to convert many users into potential customers. That said, never get complicated or vague with your tweets as an advertiser. If you have to use complex words, limit them to one or two and don’t use them on your every post. On the other hand, limit the number of hash tags you use. Don’t hash tag every word on your post.

Something else you shouldn’t do as an advertiser is to change topics often. Okay, let me make this clear. When you decide to ask your twitter followers to ask you questions using a hash tag like #askourbrand, don’t diverge to other topics. People will get frustrated and maybe even start giving you sarcastic answers. Instead, stay focused on the topic you have decided to tweet about in a certain day. That way you will attract more serious followers who can even push your brand by giving you more twitter likes and retweets.

Want more followers on social media, simple yet proven ways of how to become irresistible

How do you use the media platform?  Are you an active or interactive follower?  The social media platform is an action packed platform.  It really does not matter who you are but one thing you will realize is that people will always follow you.  Such free followers expect one thing from you acknowledgement.  It is therefore important to be active and follow those who follow you and if they have made any comments please reply.  If you are unable to do so, you can simply hit the like key; it will make a great difference.

Even though social media is a social platform, people sometimes yearn to identify with one of their own.  I know you are wondering how.  The simple truth is as you post your blogs or comments; there is absolutely no harm in mentioning your location.  You can do that tactfully and before you realise, will have increased your number of local free followers tremendously.  Locals on social media also enjoy following one of their own, and before you know it you will have made a mark.

4 Odd things People do on Twitter that get them more Likes

Being unique and authentic on twitter can make you famous in a matter of days. And it is not hard to discover what unique talents you have that could make people give you more free likes. Just look at the dating related accounts for instance. They attract more followers and likes than some big news networks attract with their tweets. Why, you may ask? People aren’t on twitter just to see and hear about the ordinary. Many people are curious and will want to see the most unique things people have to offer.

Just recently, a group of girls started an odd but very popular hash tags these days; #thighgap. They used the hash tag to promote their extreme work out programs and surprisingly, the hash tags and those who use it attract very many followers and free likes day by day. Posting about behind the scenes never used to be popular sometimes back, but today it is one of the best ways to attract more engagement and followers on twitter.