4 Odd things People do on Twitter that get them more Likes

Being unique and authentic on twitter can make you famous in a matter of days. And it is not hard to discover what unique talents you have that could make people give you more free likes. Just look at the dating related accounts for instance. They attract more followers and likes than some big news networks attract with their tweets. Why, you may ask? People aren’t on twitter just to see and hear about the ordinary. Many people are curious and will want to see the most unique things people have to offer.

Just recently, a group of girls started an odd but very popular hash tags these days; #thighgap. They used the hash tag to promote their extreme work out programs and surprisingly, the hash tags and those who use it attract very many followers and free likes day by day. Posting about behind the scenes never used to be popular sometimes back, but today it is one of the best ways to attract more engagement and followers on twitter.